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Well, that was a near miss. Whatever possessed MPs to make them think that bombing Syria would solve anything. Recent experience in Islamic sectarian turf wars should have been more than enough to dissuade western governments from further involvement in such conflicts.

This near fiasco is superbly reviewed in these extracts of letters to The Telegraph.

“Well done my MP…who voted against… hostilities. Too many MPs think that once they are elected they can toady up to their leader and disregard the wishes of the people” David Blackford

“…Our soldiers have been at war for the past 12 years. They have lost many of the brightest and best but politicians have been unable to ensure that their sacrifice has achieved anything. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are not at peace… We should work with the United Nations to achieve peace.” Pauline Johnson

“David Cameron said that he “gets” the view of the British people over military intervention in Syria…Let us hope that he now also gets the majority view over EU membership, immigration and HS2″             Pete Taylor

The situation in Syria is dreadful but let’s hope MPs will now listen more attentively to the British people before pursuing further ill-conceived policies.